Born in Ireland, Frank Wynne  moved to France  in 1984 where he discovered a passion for language. He worked as a bookseller in Paris and again when he moved to London  in 1987 , he translated and published comics and graphic novels and from 1996-2001 he worked in online media. He began translating literature in the late 1990s, and in 2001 decided to devote himself to this full time.

Early translated works included Atomised by Michel Houellebecq, which won the 2002 IMPAC Prize, and Windows on the World by Frédéric Beigbeder which won the 2005 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. He has spent much of the past decade living in Central and South America, and five years ago began to translate Hispanic fiction.

Among the authors he has translated are Ahmadou Kourouma, Boualem Sansal, Claude Lanzmann, Tómas Eloy Martínez and Almudena Grandes.  He won the Scott Moncrieff Prize for French translation in 2008, and the Valle Inclán Prize for Spanish translation in 2012 for his translation of Kamchatka by Marcelo Figueras.

In recent years he has taken part in translation events at the Hay Festival, the Edinburgh Book Festival and Norwich Showcase and has contributed translations to The Paris Review, Beirut 39 and Index on Censorship. In September 2012 he was made Honourary Member of the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association.


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The Translators Association
Honorary Member of the Irish Translators and Interpreters Association

Published Translations

(shortlisted awards §)

Title Author Year Publisher Awards/Nominations
¡Qué Viva La Música! Andrés Caicedo 2013 Penguin Books
Talking To Ghosts Hervé Le Corre 2013 MacLehose Press
Sila's Fortune Fabrice Humbert 2013 Serpent's Tail
The Siege Arturo Perez-Reverte 2013 Orion Books
Alex Pierre Lemaitre 2013 MacLehose Press
Pig's Foot Carlos Acosta 2013 Bloomsbury
Selected Writings Pablo Picasso 2014 Penguin Books
Harraga Boualem Sansal 2014 Bloomsbury
Loser's Corner Antonin Varenne 2014 MacLehose Press
The Patagonian Hare Claude Lanzmann 2012 Atlantic Books French-American Prize §
The Blue Hour Alonso Cueto 2012 Heinemann
Purgatory Tomás Eloy Martinez 2011 Bloomsbury Best Translated Book Award §
Manual Of Darkness Enrique de Hériz 2011 Orion Books
The Origin Of Violence Fabrice Humbert 2011 Serpent's Tail
Public Enemies Michel Houellebecq 2011 Atlantic Books
Seven Ways To Kill A Cat Matías Néspolo 2011 Harvill/Secker
The Frozen Heart Almudena Grandes 2010 Orion Books
An Unfinished Business Boualem Sansal 2010 Bloomsbury Scott Moncrieff Prize (Runner-Up)
The German Mujahid Boualem Sansal 2010 Europa Editions Scott Moncrieff Prize (Runner-Up)
Kamchatka Marcelo Figueras 2010 Atlantic Books Premio Valle Incl†n
What The Day Owes The Night Yasmina Khadra 2010 Heinemann
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Jules Verne 2009 Penguin Classics
Working Knowledge Petr Král 2008 Pushkin Press
Forever Nude Guy Goffette 2008 Heinemann
Banquet Of Lies Amin Zaoui 2008 Marion Boyars Scott Moncrieff Prize
Love Lasts Three Years Frédéric Beigbeder 2007 4th Estate Scott Moncrieff Prize
Holiday In A Coma Frédéric Beigbeder 2007 4th Estate
The Dante Trap Arnaud Delalande 2007 Orion Books
Allah Is Not Obliged Ahmadou Kourouma 2006 Heinemann French-American Prize §
Mammals Pierre Mérot 2006 Canongate/Grove Atlantic
The Little Book Of Philosophy André Comte-Sponville 2004 Heinemann
Windows On The World Frédéric Beigbeder 2004 4th Estate Independent Foreign Fiction Prize
Atomised Michel Houellebecq 2000 Heinemann IMPAC Prize
The Elementary Particles Michel Houellebecq 2000 Knopf IMPAC Prize
Platform Michel Houellebecq 2002 Knopf
Platform Michel Houellebecq 2002 Knopf
His Brother Philippe Besson 2003 Heinemann
Lanzarote Michel Houellebecq 2003 Heinemann
In The Absence Of Men Philippe Besson 2002 Heinemann
In The Absence Of Men Philippe Besson 2002 Carrol & Graf
Waiting For The Wild Beasts To Vote Amhadou Kourouma 2003 Heinemann
The Parrot's Theorem Denis Guedj 1999 Orion
The Parrot's Theorem Denis Guedj 1999 St Martin's Press
Somewhere In A Desert Dominique Sigaud 1998 Heinemann George Weidenfeld Prize §