Talking to Ghosts by Herve Le Corre

Police Inspector Vilar is a broken man. His son was snatched away at the school gate and his marriage collapsed soon after. Now he keeps watch outside the school every morning, his 9mm pistol resting on the passenger seat.

A case comes his way – Victor, a troubled teenager, returns home from school to find his mother’s lifeless body, savagely beaten, almost unrecognisable. As Victor is sent first to a care home, then to a foster family, Vilar hits a familiar brick wall: nothing stolen, no fingerprints, no D.N.A…

Finally the case begins to develop, but in an altogether more sinister direction. A stalker is watching Victor from the shadows, while Vilar receives increasingly threatening phone calls about his son. The hunter has become the hunted, and Vilar begins to realise that this investigation will strike very close to home.

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